In Rocky Beach, California, live The Three Detectives: Justus Jonas, Peter Shaw and Bob Andrews. Together, they are The Three ??? and there is nothing they donʼt take on! The three friends witness exciting detective stories, solve puzzles no matter how tricky, and can always rely on one another. It’s always warm and sunny in Rocky Beach. Not far away from this small coastal town the friend’s secret head quarter is located. They call it “Teapot” as it is an old disused water tank for steam engines and therefore looks like a teapot. 

Justus is the head of the three detectives. He lives with his uncle Titus and his aunt Mathilda on their junkyard. He may not be the most athletic one, but his mind is just brilliant. That’s why it doesn’t come as a surprise that he loves riddles and mysteries. The only thing he might like even more is his aunts cherry pie. However, his most hated job is to clean up his room.

Peter is the second detective. Unlike Justus, he is really good at sports. Athletics, swimming … you name it, he can do it! One thing he does not like at all is doing his homework. He would much rather spend his time outdoors. Peter gets scared somewhat easily but his best friends Justus and Bob are always by his side.

Bob is responsible for research and the case archive. He is very diligent and collects everything connected to their exciting cases. As one can imagine, he likes to read a lot and he is a library fan. Probably, he has got his talent for research from his father who is working for a big newspaper in Los Angeles. But he also likes to go to the movies with his friends and listen to music.