Digital Safe

Do you have key pieces of evidence or secret documents that need storing in a safe place? Using the digital safe, you can reliably protect these valuable objects from robbers and spies.

Art.-Nr. 1665333

Phantom Voice

Remaining unkown is a pretty tricky task. Using the phantom voice, you are able to disguise your own voice.

Art.-Nr. 1665326

UV-Light Code

Expose fake bank notes and write invisible messages - the UV light with integrated secret pen makes it possible. In UV light, the invisible messages become visible again.

Art.-Nr. 1665197


Using the gangster alarm, any draw or cupboard can be secured. Should someone gain unauthorised access to the secret documents or evidence, an audible warning signal is sounded that scares off any intruders.

Art.-Nr. 1665210


The cryptex guards your secret items and treasures! Only those who know the correct numerical code can open the secret compartment. You can choose the six-figure combination yourself, and can change it whenever you want if you think someone has figured it out. Important information, secret messages or pocket money are therefore always well hidden!

Art.-Nr. 1665234


When following a subject, you often need to gather secret information. Using the eavesdropping device, you can expose culprits!

Art.-Nr. 1665241


The multi-spy fits into any pocket. During investigations, the crime scene can be examined using a magnifying glass, ruler and a pair of tweezers. Messages are encrypted and decrypted using code discs and short messages and passwords can be stashed in the integrated secret compartment, for confidentiality. Periscope mirrors, a compass and a sundial can be very useful when tailing someone!

Art.-Nr. 1665258